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University of Twente

The University of Twente is a medium-sized university in the Netherlands with approximately 6000 students and 2500 staff members. The Faculty of Behavioural Sciences is home to the educational programs of Educational Science and Technology, Communication Science, Psychology, and the Science Teacher Training programme. Within this faculty is the Department of Instructional Technology, the coordinating institution of the SCY project.

The Department of Instructional Technology (with around 30 staff members) investigates and designs systems or environments (human and/or machine) for the acquisition of knowledge and skills. The department has a long-standing history in national and international projects funded by, among others NATO, NWO, DFG, Ministry of Education, SENTER, and SURF. Staff members have ample experience in the design and evaluation of ICT-based learning products, some of which are actually being used in schools (KMQuest), often at a large, and sometimes commercial scale (SimQuest applications), and even at a commercial, world-wide scale (ZAP).

In EU and NSF (NWO) funded projects the Department of Instructional Technology has conducted research and developed technology-enhanced learning environments that entail key characteristics of the SCY system. These include inquiry learning (ZAP, SimQuest, KMQuest, Co-Lab, RECOIL), distance laboratories (Co-Lab), gaming (KMQuest), collaborative learning (SimQuest, KMQuest, Co-Lab), combination of different domains (Co-Lab, RECOIL), modelling (Co-Lab) and new forms of assessment (SimQuest).