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University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus is a public university with approximately 300 staff members, 4000 undergraduate and 1000 masters and PhD students. The Department of Educational Sciences houses two undergraduate programs (primary and pre-school education) and five postgraduate programs at the Masters and PhD level (Learning in Science, Mathematics Education, Educational Administration, Educational Sciences and Curriculum and Instruction). From a research perspective the department focuses on computer supported inquiry learning, modelling, conceptual models, epistemology, alternative conceptions and conceptual understanding.

The Learning in Science Group at the University of Cyprus participates in SCY. This group conducts a co-ordinated program of research, curriculum development and instruction. The group is currently engaged in three major projects: (1) preparation of future teachers to teach science and technology as socially relevant processes of inquiry; (2) developing support and motivation mechanisms for achieving improvement of student learning in science; (3) integration of information and communication tools in innovative learning environments. Computer-based tools are incorporated into these activities both as object of study and instructional media.

The group is taking a leadership role in the efforts of the University of Cyprus to implement its eLearning strategy through a series of pilot projects including topics such as ICT in science and the school practicum in the context of teacher preparation. The group's work has received continuous financial support over many years from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and the EU through the following programs: IST, Science and Society, INCO, Socrates, EUMEDIS.