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University of Bergen

With its 17,000 students and more than 2,500 staff, the University of Bergen (Norway) is a medium-sized European university and is both a teaching and research institution organized in seven faculties and some 90 departments and specialized centres. In SCY the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, and the research centre InterMedia participates. The information science side of the department - with its focus on the study of ICT in relation to individuals, groups, organisations and societies - cooperates widely on an international level, with almost half the scientific staff originally coming from countries other than Norway. The department is involved in two 6th framework NoEs, Kaleidoscope and INTEROP. Four academic staff members participate in ICT and learning research.

InterMedia is an interdisciplinary research centre focused on new media, knowledge dissemination, and learning. InterMedia has been and is participating in many national and international TEL projects including: 5th and 6th framework projects SEUSISS, Adapt-It, , E-LEN, E-Culture Net, IDEELS, B-Learn, MASSIVE and TelePEERS; national projects DoCTA, Transform, Collagatories, Local knowledge, Dramaturgi; and UiB Meltzer projects IMPACT, Children and Technology; BITE-IT, development of ICT-based national tests for English language for the Ministry of Education; InterMedia researchers have been involved in the development of two commercial TEL products BASE and ADAPT-IT Blueprint Designer being used nationally and internationally in the training of firemen, software users, air traffic controllers and certification of English proficiency of European air traffic controllers and testing of English language skills of school students.

Related to SCY, researchers have developed the collaborative tool JEMUE, participated in the development of the broker, developed pedagogical agents based on data mining in DoCTA, developed authoring tools in BITE-IT, created a communication ontology, been involved in content planning (AI), developed the mobile application MOTEL, a location based framework for virtual geo-tagging in the TRANSFORM project.