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Stichting Technasium

The Stichting Technasium (Technasium foundation) was founded in 2004 and is the central organization of a network of 25 schools that aims to innovate science education in the Netherlands.

What does challenging and motivating education mean to students in secondary schools interested in science and technology? This question gave rise to the Technasium formula. One of its innovative concepts is Research and Design, a subject that consists of project assignments based on the practice of science and technology-related occupations in line with secondary and higher education programs. As an appealing formula for students, teachers, and schools, Technasium also enables institutions of higher education and business communities to participate in secondary education.

Technasium introduces a job-oriented component to secondary education. This opens new perspectives for pupils, schools, higher education institutions and business communities. In doing so, the Technasium addresses teenagers who are curious and want to understand the world around them. Technasium students are the knowledge workers of the future. They learn to find solutions to problems as part of a team. This kind of education teaches them how enterprising and innovative technology professions are. Moreover, through endorsing structural collaboration between secondary schools and institutes for higher education, Technasium aims to contribute to solving the problem of decreasing numbers of students in science and technology. Technasium has, in co-operation with stakeholders in industry and public bodies, created a number of "student projects" on which students work within "Research and Design". These project include the design of a "green belt" for the town of Haren, a prevention plan for the spread of bacteria, a bridge in a the town of Enumatil, sustainable design of a new building site for an architecture company and designing a cleaning process for potatoes. All of these projects are created and carried out with and for external parties.