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Joseph Fourier University

The Joseph Fourier University is the university of sciences, technology, and medicine of Grenoble (France). The campus hosts about 17000 students and 1300 teachers. The university's computer science lab (LIG) - and more specifically, the Models and Technologies for Human Learning (MeTAH) team – participates in SCY.

The MeTAH team consists of 20 researchers and 12 PhD students with a background in, among others, computer sciences and educational research in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. The research is conducted in the domains of computer software for education and training and focuses on (i) elaboration of theoretical frameworks, modelling the knowledge to be learned, (ii) design and development of software for specific domains such as algebra, experimental sciences, and surgery, (iii) design and development of authoring tools, (iv) student modelling, and (v) analysis of the use and evaluation of computer software for education and training.

Researchers of MeTAH have been involved in the development of various software applications. Examples include CABRI, the world-famous interactive geometry software; Aplusix, an algebra learning assistant (project funded by the EU STREP ReMath); TELEOS aimed at enhancing vocational training in orthopaedic surgery (project funded by the French National Agency for Research); Educaffix, a distance laboratory in chemistry; COPEX, scaffolding the task of experiment design devoted to students (the last two projects are funded by the French Ministry of Research).