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InterMedia is an interdisciplinary research and development centre at the University of Oslo (Norway), administered by the Faculty of Education. The academic staff has research backgrounds from multiple fields and disciplines, including educational psychology, educational research, computer science, information systems, and media studies. Across these fields InterMedia has conducted a large number of research projects over the past eight years. These projects were conducted in collaboration with internal partners at the university as well as external partners in industry and at other universities.

InterMedia takes a socio-cultural analytic stance to technology-enhanced learning, and makes use of participatory design and experimental prototyping techniques for ICT development. The socio-cultural approach pertains to cultural historical activity theory, dialogical and institutional perspectives on learning, and cognition and development. InterMedia's research group in Learning and ICT consists of four senior researchers, three postdoctoral fellows, and eight PhD students. The centre takes an active part in classical studies of the relationship between learning and technology in different domains like science, social science, and inquiry based learning.

Internationally, InterMedia participated together with the University of Bergen in organizing the Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference (CSCL 2003). InterMedia has been involved in a number of EU projects; most relevant for the SCY project are the Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence in Technology-Enhanced Learning and in the IP Knowledge Practice laboratory under the EU FP 6 programme.