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Fraunhofer IAIS

The Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research is Germany's leading organization of research institutions for applied research. Fraunhofer currently maintains 56 research establishments that are coordinating and/or contributing to large national and international industrial applied research projects, as well as to research projects targeting the service sector, national and regional governments and the EU.

The Knowledge Discovery Team (KD) at the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) in Sankt Augustin participates in SCY. KD is a research group (35 scientists, 3 PhD students, several students) located in the field of Data Mining and Machine Learning. Professional experience and expertise in this group include Data Mining, Inductive Logic Programming, Bayesian Statistics, Geographic Information Systems, and Data Warehousing.

The research group has extensive experiences with EU projects. Currently, Fraunhofer coordinates the FP6 Coordination Action KDubiq (2005-2008), which supports research activities within the emerging area of Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery. Fraunhofer previously co-ordinated two European projects: KDNet (2002-2004) and SPIN! (Spatial Mining for Data of Public Interest, 2000-2003). Moreover, Fraunhofer is involved in the iWebCare project (Integrated Web Services Platform for the facilitation of fraud detection in health care e-government services, 2005 - 2008), the AntiPhish project (2006-2008) and the IP SIMDAT (2004-2008). The group is also currently involved in several nationally funded and industrial projects in Multimedia Mining, Spatial Data Mining and Text Mining.