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ENOVATE is a small Norwegian software house with four employees that was established in 2003. The company was established with the aim to commercialize the outcome of the fifth framework EU project ADAPT-IT called the ADAPT-IT Blueprint Designer software. ENOVATE today sells software and related services for competency-based training and testing. The software supports the entire instructional design cycle and gives pedagogical guidance in all phases of the design process.

ENOVATE's ADAPT-IT Blueprint Designer software is a lesson planning and documentation system for skills based training. The system allows one to easily develop, update and document both ones internal and external courses and lessons. Based on several templates, ADAPT-IT Blueprint Designer can generate training material for Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and the web. One does not have to decide on the final presentation format while developing lessons. One can instead give the same lesson several times using several different presentation formats.

ENOVATE is also leading the development of the Web-based BASE Test system. BASE Test is a scalable and secure test server that handles large numbers of users. BASE offer a complete framework for writing, administering and delivering ICT-based tests. The system contains modules for all popular test formats and the tests are delivered in various multimedia formats. Since 2004 BASE Test has been used for the Norwegian national competency tests where more than 250,000 pupils have been tested in their English reading skills. BASE is also used when ENOVATE on behalf of EUROCONTROL presently develops their online listening test, the ELPAC Test that is designed to meet ICAO and European Commission language proficiency requirements for European Air Traffic Controllers. The ELPAC test is put into full production as of August 2007.

In yet another variation of the BASE Test system, the Fireweb, ENOVATE works together with a number of Norwegian fire departments to create a system that combines the ADAPT-IT Blueprint Designer and BASE Test software and that contains a complete competency catalogue for firemen. The Fireweb presently allows the fire departments to easily plan training, perform knowledge tests, create relevant training material in a matter of minutes and then after the training, to document the performance of groups of firemen and/or individual firemen. This helps them to identify competency gaps which again help them in improving the training content and to pinpoint areas that need further training.