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SCY Eco Mission for Science Readers

SCY-Lab is a technology-enhanced learning environment designed for the SCY (Science Created by You) project in which students learn by creating products that they can share and discuss with their peers. SCY has available a number of applications, called missions, one of which is the ECO mission. The ECO mission is for 15-19 year old students and primarily addresses the area of ecology. The ECO mission combines hands-on data collection and working in the SCY-Lab learning environment. To run this mission smoothly, it is necessary to get acquainted with the SCY learning approach and to prepare the software, equipment, and materials. Testing the mission several days before the session with students is recommended. This allows enough time to make any additional preparations needed and to get help from the system administrator or the SCY team, if necessary.

It should be borne in mind that SCY-Lab is a prototype and not commercial learning software. Therefore, users may experience some issues that could be useful information for the SCY-team. For technical problems, please contact Adam Giemza (giemza [at]; all ideas related to the pedagogical or scientific content should be addressed to Margus Pedaste (margus.pedaste [at]