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De Praktijk

De Praktijk is a creative company in the Netherlands for science education and communication. De Praktijk develops educational concepts and materials, and advises third parties on subjects related to students, schools and education. In its seven years of existence De Praktijk has conducted many high-quality, out of the ordinary projects in education from primary school to university, but mainly in secondary education.

De Praktijk aims to empower teachers to give lessons that are high quality and fun at the same time. Breaking the normal pattern of teaching in the classroom is a powerful tool in reaching students and making students remember and understand subject-matter.

Recently, De Praktijk has been engaged in several projects that relate to SCY. In "De Jonge Akademie on Wheels", a project in commission of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, 16 Academy members, 12 PhD students, a farmer and a TV presenter submerged a school in science and fun for a whole day. De Praktijk developed the educational concepts and materials and produces the events. In the "DisWis" project, university students in mathematics visit secondary schools to teach the latest developments in discrete mathematics. De Praktijk has initiated and coordinates the project, develops all materials and recruits and trains the university students.