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From 2011 the SCY project will cooperate with the Finnish COSILAB (Combining Computer Simulation and Hands-On Laboratory Activities in Science Teaching) project. The goals of the COSILAB project are: a) to investigate the effect of sequential and parallel combinations of laboratory and simulation on students’ conceptual learning and interest, the relative importance of multiple representations and analogical encoding in explaining learning outcome results. b) is to find out how learners with different characteristics benefit from laboratories, simulations and the laboratory-simulation combinations. SCY will be used to implement COSILAB applications. The project is sponsored by the Academy of Finland and will be carried out at the University of Turku. Contact person: Dr. Koen Veermans.


From 2011 the SCY learning environment will serve as the basis for the Dutch BE COOL! (translated as ‘Promoting Intellectual Giftedness during Collaborative Inquiry Learning and Learning by Design’) project. The main goal of the BE COOL! project is to create a learning environment that enables cooperation and collaboration of gifted students with their fellow, lower or average ability, classmates through differentiation in assignments and tasks. The SCY-Lab environment, some of its tools and the composition of the SCY-missions will be used as a starting point (and further inspiration) for the development of the BE COOL! missions. The project is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and will be carried out at the University of Twente in cooperation with ‘Weer Samen Naar School Lelystad’ and educational advisory company ‘Expertis’. Contact person: Dr. T.H.S. Eysink.