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Mission 4

Mission 4: Forensic Lab

In the Forensic SCY-Lab mission, students work as forensic researchers and are engaged in a real investigation to find the offender of a crime. Students' domain of expertise can be biology and/or chemistry and they are provided with samples collected at a crime scene. According to the scenario "Design an experimental procedure" they have find out about biology and chemistry, to discover the techniques they will use to analyse samples, to elaborate or finetune their experimental procedure, to carry out real experiments, and to analyse their results.

Students deal with concepts about DNA (universality, structure, sequence of nucleotides), biological techniques (electrophoresis gel, restriction enzymes, DNA profiling), chemistry (solution, solvant, solubility), chemical techniques (chromatography, TLC), and mathematics (frequency, match probability). ELOs that they need to create are: concept map, texts, experimental procedure, picture (e.g. with mobile phone), drawing, table and calculation. Then, the end-result of the mission is a report for the attorney general that will help to solve the case.

screenshot of the forensic lab mission