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Mission 1

Mission 1: Design a CO2-friendly house

Students in the CO2-friendly house mission are assigned to design a CO2-friendly house. Students have to describe how domestic CO2 emission occurs and find out in what ways this CO2 emission can be influenced. They consider materials, the way energy is supplied, and make a list of requirements and constraints for their house. Learning goals include knowledge of physics such as knowledge of types of energy (potential, kinetic, thermal, chemical, electromagnetic, ...) and the first law of thermodynamics but also mathematical knowledge such as knowing how surface area to volume ratio changes with the size and shape of a specific object. ELOs that need to be produced along the way for example include a concept map on CO2 emission, a set of hypotheses about the energy household of a specific house and data sets from two different simulations (a house simulation and an energy consumption simulation). The end product of students is a report with measurements and drawings of a CO2-friendly house and a drawing of such a house.

Screenshot of the SCY House Mission